Some kind words from people one2oneKB have trained
Some kind words from people one2oneKB have trained

Rob wants you to improve and working hard isn't up for debate. Whether it's his strong voice or rewarding smile he wills you there and you follow. It's the discipline and support I needed to get started and which makes Rob a great personal trainer. The proof is in this pudding's return to sport after oh so many years... I look forward to our next session every time.

Audrey Heaton

Been training with Rob for about a year now and always look forward to a good hard workout. It was a big difference from my normal weight training and it was hard at first, but it only got easier the more I came to his class. My fitness level is better; I’m more flexible and have made new friends. Come down and give it a try you won’t be disappointed

Stephen Keane

I've been a member of one2one kickboxing for over 10 years and in that time have learnt many skills, including a great level of fitness and discipline. This has enabled me to compete and 'win' in kickboxing competitions. I've had the chance of training at many other kickboxing clubs but none of them compare to the way Rob Lloyd can teach you to become a fit and competent kick boxer.

Justin Pritchard

I think Rob is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher. He has obviously studied kickboxing for a long time and appreciates the importance of mastering the proper techniques before pushing his students on. He not only knows about kickboxing but is also a personal trainer with a lot of experience in different aspects of physical exercise. He is fun to train with and ensures all his students get the utmost from his training courses. I would thoroughly recommend him and look forward to joining his classes in the future.

Kathy Lambert

I've been training now with one2one for nearly two years now. It's been great for my confidence and fitness and I'm still as keen now to get to classes as when I started. Rob sweeps you up in his enthusiasm for the sport, always offering encouragement, fun, support and expert instruction, no matter what your ability.

Kiera Gould

I've been training with Rob for only a few weeks only so far, although I already feel that it will be a really great experience. There's a big difference from normal fitness exercise, as one-to-one sessions are more balanced and provide a much better workout. I feel stronger and fitter, although it's still hard I believe it will become easier in a while. You definitely should try it if you're thinking of serious complex approach towards your physical condition.

Konstantin Kamenski

Hi I am a professional diploma master chef and what comes with that naturally is long working days, indfferent shifts and eating patterns, long adrenalin rushes, food and more glorious food. In short no two days are ever the same and truly all what the doctor orders for a great waist line. But help has arrived in the form of the cavalry my friend Rob Lloyd, who is my personal fitness trainer. Rob is enormously dedicated, polite, understanding and helpful. in short a realpro who i personally would highly recommend, to knock anyone into proper shape. After all ladies and gents, if it works for the cookie why shouldn't it work for you?

Heinrich Boreniok

I joined one2one because I wanted to get fit and lose weight, without boring myself in the gym. I did not expect to get the results I did. Not only did I manage to get in shape but I also learnt a new skill and it has increased my confidence. As far as I am concerned, all women should know how to kick box proficiently and if they have a teacher as fantastic as Rob, then there is no stopping them.

Charlotte Clarke

I started kickboxing around a year ago. I never though that after only a year I would be able to do all I can. My fitness level has increased and I feel every session, I come out with something new. This is all thanks to my instructor Rob who has helped me achieve my goals and improve my techniques by always encouraging and supporting me. The atmosphere is friendly, fun and comfortable. The fact that it is a mixed class makes it more interesting as you can learn from others and help others.

Yamsin Bargaoui

I started training with Robert in the beginning of 2014. The thing that encouraged me to do that was his great experience in 2 areas:personal trainer and martial art expert. The combination of both allowed me to build up my personal confidence, improved my health condition and my martial arts skills from the past years. I can say without hesitation that thanks to Robert and his training session I can control my emotions which also helps me on a business level with clients, and my breathing so I have strength to go an extra mile and I can always count on his advice and consultation between trainings. I would highly recommend Robert to everyone who is thinking about having a ’customized' training routine suitable for their needs and expectations as everyone is different and requires a different approach.

Jaroslaw Yaro Kowalczyk
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